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M66 Power Clean VOLTRONIC ® M66 Power Clean

M66 Power Clean is high performance water based biodegradable degreaser and cleaner for environmental conscious. M66 Power Clean does not contain aggressive cleaner such as acid and lye.


  • Water based degreaser
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-acid and non-lye
  • Non-foam

Packaging (L)
1, 25 and 200 HDPE tank.

Works safely on many application area (dilution ratio to water):

Automotive › Clean and degreasing engine bay (1:5), Clean transportation wax/coating for PDI center (1:2 to 1:5), Degrease wheel rims (1:5), car wash with water jet machine (1:100), remove grease and oil stain on workshop floor, tiles, toilet (1:5), clean dirt on carpet, plastic or vinyl interior (1:50), clean and wash tarpaulin and cabriolet cover (1:10), clean glass and interior (1:300) and etc. Observe cleaning time, eg. some area take 5 to 10 minutes solving time depending on the dirt condition, i.e. degreasing engine bay and wheel rims. If in doubt, check material compatibility in an inconspicuous area.

Houshold, swimming pool, sauna › Clean kitchen floor, tiles, toilet, cooker hood (1:10), clean barbeque pit (1:5), clean sauna pit (1:50), clean swimming pool, sauna and patio area (1:50), clean carpet, plastic, vinyl (1:50), clean glass, window, refrigerator and interior (1:300).

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