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VOLTRONIC ® Lithium soap LS W is high performance multipurpose Lithium soap lubricating grease with solid lubricant. Developed for lubrication of slide and roller bearings. Water resistant, excellent wear protection and excellent corrosion protect.

Typical characteristic

Grease classification : DIN 51825 KF 2 K-30 ISO/DIS 6743-9 ISO-L-XCCHA 2
NLGI class DIN 51818 :  2
Appearance : Smooth, white
Base oil viscosity at 40°C DIN 51562 (mm²/s) : 110
Flow pressure at -35°C DIN 51805 (hPa) : 800
Operating temperature (°C) : -30 to 120
Drop point DIN/ISO 2176 (°C) : 190
VKA welding load DIN 51350 T4 (N) : 1600
EMCOR corrosion test DIN 51802 : 0/0
Oxidation resistance 100°C/100h DIN 51808 (Bar) : 0.2
Worked penetration 0.1 mm,
60 double strokes DIN/ISO 2137 : 
Worked penetration 0.1 mm,
60000 double strokes DIN/ISO 2137 :
Water resistance DIN 51807 T1 :  1
Water content DIN 51777 T1 (%) : <0.1

Multipurpose lubricating grease for roller and slide bearings eg. the materials handling packaging technology in food and pharmaceutical industry (without contact to the product), lubrication of eg. friction brakes in doors, electric window lifters and assembly aids as well as for the fastening technology. It is also used for plastic gear wheels lubrication in power transmission engineering, eg. paper shredders or for the assembling of chuck screws or clamping-spindle lubrication. The product is also used for the separating lubrication against friction corrosion and as sealing or parting grease for seal assembly. Also used as sliding plastic or metal guides lubricating grease.

Packaging (Kg)
0.4, 1, 5, 18, 25, 50, 180.
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