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D12 Multi-Reiniger VOLTRONIC ® D12 Multi-Reiniger

VOLTRONIC ® D12 Diesel Leichtgängig is high performance complete fuel system and exhaust system cleaner for diesel engine. Share the same DNA with VOLTRONIC ® D22 Diesel System Schutz, VOLTRONIC ® D12 has additional cleaning features which also clean and remove carbon deposit from EGR valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), DPF and SCR catalytic converter.
  • Complete fuel system cleaner and diesel decarbonizer.
  • Complete exhaust system cleaner and decarbonizer.
  • Lubricate CRDI and Pumpe-düse system.
  • Clean fuel injectors and engine valves.
  • Clean EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valves.
  • Clean DPF (Diesel Particle Filter).
  • Clean SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction).
  • Neutralize water impurity in diesel fuel.
  • Improve diesel system performance and reliability.
  • Reduce emissions.
  • EURO-6 ready.
  • Promote smooth running engine.

Fully recommended for modern diesel system EURO-6, especially with
  • DPF system (Diesel Particulate Filter).
  • SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction).
  • CRDI system (Common Rail Direct Injection).
  • Pumpe-düse system.
Usage direction

One bottle treat effectively up to 60 litres diesel fuel or at least 10 litres minimum. Directly add into fuel tank. Treat every 10000 km or 1000 hours depend on local fuel quality.
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